How ANYROAM works

Two simple steps:


If your institution wants to welcome non-eduroam users on the eduroam SSID (secure and instant guest access for all),

follow these instructions:

Head to and authenticate under Admin Login. Click on "Enable ANYROAM".

Under this page checkmark "Enabled". You are done. Your site can now accept ANYROAM identities.


Send your guests (by email, on a closed SSID, or exisitng guest network) to

This is an on-boarding tool that will automatically install an EAP-TLS certificate on most devices.

The certificate is valid for one year.

The on-boarding requires a cell-phone number capable of handling text messages for the first registration.



ANYROAM credentials are only valid at locations accepting them. It is a great replacement of classic guest portals and can be used by any visitor

of your institution. Since users are strongly authenticated, you can easily control access.

These accounts are linked to users via their telephone number. If a subpoena requires identification of a user we will fully cooperate with authorities.


We are not stopping there. ANYROAM is coming up with new features to help Wi-Fi providers and users.