Configuring Windows XP

To join the eduroam network from Windows XP you must first setup your preferred networks to use the correct encryption settings for your home institution.

Setting up the Windows Network Manager for Windows XP

From the view available wireless networks window click Change the order of preferred networks on the left-hand side.

Click the Add button under "Preferred networks".

In the Association tab make sure your settings are as below. Verify that the Network name (SSID) is set to eduroam, Network Authentication is set to WPA2, and Data Encryption is set to AES.

Select the Authentication tab. Make your settings are as below. Verify that EAP type is set to Protected EAP (PEAP).

Click the Properties button then verify that the Select Authentication Method drop-down box is set to Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).

Click the Configure button. Uncheck the check box labeled Automatically use my Windows Logon name and password (and domain if any).

Click the OK button on all of the windows.

Join the network called "eduroam" and when prompted provide your credentials in the form of username@<your institution>.  If you are from (your "realm") and your username (sometimes called NetID) is traveler then your login name is traveler [at]  Your password is your normal password at your home institution.