What is ANYROAM ?

Who are we?
The people at ANYROAM have been building WLAN networks since 1999, then explored the world of Wi-Fi authentication, and started eduroam in the US back in 2004. ANYROAM LLC operated eduroam on behalf of Internet2 until 2021, and provides other services like Govroam and the ANYROAM guest service.
We are also working on an IDP as a service for those various roaming communities to ease the speed of deployment (no need to be a RADIUS guru anymore) and avoid using sensitive passwords as a network authentication.
So,  what is ANYROAM?
Currently, the ANYROAM guest service is a way to welcome users without current eduroam credentials onto your eduroam network.
It is an opt-in service that can be enabled under the Administrative interface "Enable ANYROAM", so each campus can decide to welcome ANYROAM guests onto their network independtely. 
The guest will be provisioned with an EAP-TLS profile and a certificate (no password) that is valid for one year at any eduroam location accepting
ANYROAM (AKA any location that has toggled the ANYROAM switch in the Admin. Interface).
Many institutions use this service to welcome returning visittors (alumni, sport fans, contractors), and even short term visitors (the on-baording takes just a few minutes).
After the on-boarding process, these guests take advantage, locally and at other ANYROAM enabled campus, of the same secure and instant access that other eduroam users have been enjoying for years.
ANYROAM does not currently charge any fee for this service, and the support of Service Providers is limited to one hour. ANYROAM does not provide any support for users.
ANYROAM guests can go right HERE for on-boarding.
With the advancement of Hotpost2.0 and Passpoint, ANYROAM hopes to provide to many communities of users (eduroam, Govroam, ANYROAM, ...) a seamless, secure, and instant Wi-Fi roaming exprience across multiple networks (e.g. A Govroam location will be able to accept eduroam users, and vice versa).