Why 802.1X (WPA2-enterprise) ? How is 802.1X better than other network access control systems?

A perfect use-case for eduroam is the iPhone.  Joining a traditional, web-based, visitor wireless network on an iPhone can be a trying endeavor.  First you have to determine what the visitor network's SSID is.  Then, after associating to the network you may, or may not, be able to surf, check email, etc. Opening a web-browser, zooming and moving around the web interface to read the user agreement and providing some degree of credentials is tedious enough on a mobile device.  Add to that the difference in configurations for each visited institution and this problem is greatly magnified.

With eduroam, on either an iPhone or a laptop, configuration of the device is simplified.  The user credentials can be stored locally, the eduroam SSID is broadcast, and joining it is automatic.