How do eduroam-US institutions address brute-force attacks committed via the eduroam fedration?

Unlike other directory-service authenticated and publically accessible services eduroam is significantly more restricted and has advantages.  While a user with any internet connection can, in theory, attack a webmail portal or other internet accessible service, to do so with eduroam means that the user is associating to an eduroam-enabled institution's network.  The eduroam community is tightly-knit and getting communication between the appropriate institutions in the case of a security interest is of the utmost importance to the community as a whole.

Going forward the eduroam-US project plans to create a eduroam-US forum, mailing-list, or other mass communications medium for discussion between administrators.  This way admins will get to know one another before an incident arises.  Repore from such interaction will make even easier addressing any possible security incidents.