Connection Request Form

Connect your infrastructure (RADIUS/Wi-Fi) to a roaming operator
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ANYROAM provides:
  1. Access to eduroam in the US on behalf of Internet2.
  2. SP-only services for eduroam and other federations.
  3. The ANYROAM secure guest service (access to eduroam for guests without eduroam credentials).
  4. Govroam (an eduroam equivalent for local, state, and federal government Agencies).
The following form should be filled out by:
  • Organizations that have signed an eduroam connector agreement with Internet2 (SP+IDP services). To sign a contract, start here.
  • Organizations that have signed a 90 days eduroam trial agreement with Internet2 (SP+IDP services). To request a trial, start here.
  • Wi-Fi providers that would like to enable eduroam on their Wi-Fi infrastructure (SP-only service). Any Wi-Fi provider (museum, library, coffee shop, ...) based in the United States can enable eduroam on their infrastructure  (there is no fee for that service, but support is limited). An SP-only does not need a RADIUS server to connect. SP-only, like other eduroam connectors, have access to the Administrative interface and will receive usage reports.
Other countries have different models for eduroam membership, please contact your local eduroam provider for information.
After your submission we will contact you by e-mail with detailed instructions on how to proceed. SP-only connectors will need to sign an ANYROAM connector agreement.
Name of the institution requesting peering. Please use the name you would like to appear on the website once you've joined.
Name of individual requesting peering for the Institution.
Email address of Requesting user.
Please enter your regional/group name.
This helps the eduroam-US team to verify the identity of the requester and provide them with appropriate help in joining the confederation easily.
The type of connection that you are requesting.
Every eduroam institution will be responsible for one or many "realms" used for routing. Credentials in eduroam are of the form username@realm.tld. For example a school might be responsible for and as their realms or a national research laboratory may be responsible for Please give a list of the realms your institutions will be responsible for. Service Provider Only connectors won't have any realms.
Any comments or special information the requestor would like ANYROAM support staff to know about the project. SP-Only requestors, please describe the scope of the project. Whom to you want to welcome? Where? How many Access-Points?