eduroam Security

Client Security:
Teaching eduroam users to securely use the eduroam infrastructure is complicated and must be done on a home-institutional basis due to varying configurations. There are several details in the use of eduroam which can be confusing as well.  The eduroam-US site plans to maintain a "best-practices" for client configuration document which we encourage other institutions to contribute to, as well as link to or copy to their own knowledge-bases to support their users.

Infrastructure Security:
The security of the eduroam infrastructure as a whole is a top-priority.  Enhancing and maintaining the security of the infrastructure is of particular interest to the eduroam-US team.

Research in the security of eduroam is within the scope of the eduroam-US team's goals as we proceed.  If users or administrators from other institutions find security issues within the system or have suggestions on ways to solve known problems we are interested in hearing from you.  Please contact us directly with any inquiries or post them to the (soon-to-be announced) eduroam-US listserv!