RADIUS Server Configuration for eduroam-US

Here you will find many example configurations for institutions joining eduroam-US.  We intend to include configurations and/or HowTos for as many RADIUS servers as possible.  At this time Radiator and FreeRADIUS are the two RADIUS server generally used in eduroam-US.  In addition to these two servers, thanks to the contributions of various institutions involved in eduroam-US we now have configurations for Microsoft NPS and Juniper's Steel-Belted RADIUS. Soon we hope to include Microsoft IAS, Cisco Secure-Access, Avenda, and other RADIUS servers.

Another good source of eduroam configuration information is the European eduroam consortium's documentation site

The eduroam-US top level RADIUS servers are tlrs1.eduroam.us and tlrs2.eduroam.us. It is preferred to use the name where possible.

The current eduroam-US CA certificate can be found here. This certificate is used for connecting with @eduroam.us accounts.

Note: After, or preferably before, configuring your RADIUS server make sure your network and host firewalls are configured to pass RADIUS traffic unhindered to your servers.  For more information please see our FAQ entry on firewall requirements for eduroam.

After you have configured your RADIUS server please read the section on testing your connection to eduroam-US.